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Oudh Al Jabal 100ml EDP from Oudh Al Anfar

Oudh Al Jabal 100ml EDP from Oudh Al Anfar


Oudh Al Jabal is a truly royal oud perfume which matches the exact signs of being a sophisticated perfume.

Al Jabal is a new Arabic oud perfume based on the ultimate floral moment that stimulates the aesthetic side of this beautiful scent to remind you of the natural wonders that flows from this elegant 100ml bottle. A harmonic combination of rich notes, both modern yet timeless. This gender-neutral oud fragrance is specially designed for all ages with Fresh, Oriental & Spicy notes

Brand: Oudh Al Anfar
Fragrance Perfume: Oudh Al Jabal
Fragrance Notes: Oriental

Top Notes: fresh, Arabic

Heart Notes: patchouli, spicy

Base Note: musky, oud

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*100% originality and long lasting guaranteed.

Oudh al Jabal is one of the most popular perfumes in our collection. It is a different kind of oud that stands out from others because of its softness and freshness. The sweet notes are very fresh, which make this heart note very pleasant and long-lasting, making it last throughout the day.